Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Application process:

I am not a Business major. Can I apply?

  • The EPG program is an interdisciplinary program. We welcome students from all majors and academic interests. EPG Cohort 13 has students from 15 different majors.


I am a junior by credit. Can I apply?

  • The EPG program is a multi-year learning program. As long as you have minimum two summers left before graduating from Berea College, you are eligible to apply.


Who can be my referrer?

  • Any Berea College faculty or staff who knows you well and can give recommendations on your learning ability, leadership skills and personal growth. Some examples include your academic advisor and your labor supervisor. Please note that students cannot serve as your referrer.


How should I answer the essay questions?

  • Start working Microsoft Word or another document editing software before you paste your final answer to the web application. Please proofread your answers before submitting and ensure the word limit.
  • Do your research! You may not know about entrepreneurship, but we expect you do some research on your part to understand what entrepreneurship is and how it will align with your future goals.
  • Reflect on your past experiences! There could be many past experiences that were valuable to you. You should pick the one that communicates your characteristics and your entrepreneurial potentials the best.
  • Be specific! You should provide explanations and clearly defined examples in your answers.


How early should I apply?

  • As early as possible in order to get your answers reviewed, revise it and proofread it. We strongly discourage waiting until the night before the deadline to start your application.


Will I receive a confirmation after I hit submit?

  • Yes. If you don’t receive a confirmation within 24 hours, your application may not have gone through. In that case, please send an email to to receive technical support.


Questions about the first EPG summer:

When does the Summer Institute starts?

  • EPG Summer Institute starts when Berea College 8-week Summer School starts and ends when it ends. In 2017, the Summer Institute starts on May 15 and ends on July 7.

Where will the Summer Institute take place?

  • EPG Summer Institute takes place in the EPG Classroom and in parts of the Appalachian region. Some past destinations include Virginia, West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky and more. When you travel outside Berea, all travel costs are covered by the program.


Where will I stay over the summer?

  • You are responsible for your own accommodation in Berea and you may use the $3000 stipend to pay for it. In the past, EPG students have stayed in the summer dorm, shared apartment with others, and stayed with their professors or host families. More details about this will be addressed at All-Hand dinners in the Spring after you get selected.


How will EPG help my major?

  • EPG is an extensive training on entrepreneurship and innovation through coursework and hands on experience. In addition to entrepreneurial and innovative skills, it enhances your leadership, interpersonal and presentation skills. These skills can be applied to any and every major and play a fundamental role in your personal and professional development.


Questions about the second EPG summer:

What is Directed Field Experience?

  • Directed Field Experience (DFE) is the second summer of the EPG program where students apply the entrepreneurial abilities gained from EPG Summer Institute in an internship in their area of interest.


Does DFE have to be paid or non-paid?

  • DFE can be either paid or non-paid. In case of a non-paid internship, Internships Office will sponsor the expenses during the internship period.